New Day Cottage School Program

20200204_1201052020-21 School Year

Tuesday Schedule

9:00 Algebra

10:00 Lit/Comp

11:00 General Science

12:00 Break

12:30 Biblical Archaeology

1:30 Principles of Mathematics 1

Thursday Schedule

9:00 Algebra

10:00 Lit/Comp

11:00 Civics

12:00 Break

12:30 Intro to Communications

1:30 Principles of Mathematics 1

Curriculum (Families are responsible to purchase books and required materials. Material lists will be available before the start of the school year.)

Math: Algebra — Jacob’s Algebra OR Principles of Mathematics 1 (Master Books)

Lit/Comp — Various Novels/Progeny Press Guides TBA

Social Studies — Civics and Constitution (Master Books), Democratic and Republican Platforms (available online) and other materials

General Science 1  — (Master Books)

Communications  — TBA

Biblical Archaeology  (Master Books)


Registration — $150

Individual 2/day class — $500/year

Individual 1/day class — $360/year

Complete Program — Both days/all classes (includes choice of math class) $2,000/year

Students with Special Educational Needs

Accommodations may be made for students with special educational needs on a case-by-case basis.


Students may join online or in person at

A+ Education Solutions


For more information or for registration/application forms, contact Heather Walton,, or 502-438-4680.