New Day Academy Cottage School Program

Biblical Worldview Education for PreK-High School

20200204_120105Winter/Spring Semester 2021


Full Program (9-3 Monday-Thursday) $2500/semester

Essentials (Middle/High) Program Tuition (9-12:30 Monday-Thursday) $1500/semester

Essentials (Elementary) Program Tuition (9-12:30 Monday and Wednesday) $800/semester


  • 1-hour class: $200/each/semester for Essentials students; $250/each/semester a la carte
  • 1.5-hour class: $250/each/semester for Essentials students; $300/each/semester a la carte
  • Materials fees may apply

Payment Arrangements

  • Application/Registration fee: $200 for full program; $150 for essentials program; $75 for electives only
  • Payments may be made at the beginning of the semester, quarterly, or monthly (on the first day of classes for that month)
  • Families/students responsible for personal curriculum and supplies

Essentials Middle/High Program


9:00-12:30 Monday – Thursday

Class offerings:

English Language Arts


Character Study (Bible/Hymn Study/Devotional)

Every class is Biblically integrated. 

Essentials Elementary Program


9:30-12:30 Monday and Wednesday

Class offerings:




Social Studies

Character Study (Bible/Hymn)

Homework Hall

-proctors available to help with schoolwork ($6/hour)

Online Classes

-offered through iLumenEd Academy ($500/course/semester — includes proctoring)


Three/Four-Year Old Preschool: $180/week with multi-child discounts

-Childcare (subject to availability) $3/hour if parent is taking a class

Vocational/Life Skills Electives

Home Repair

Vehicle/Machine Maintenance and Mechanics

Home Economics

Office Skills/Bookkeeping

Academic/Fine Arts Electives



Cognitive Skills


8:15Group 1 Pre-algebra Group 1 Pre-algebraGroup 1 Pre-algebraGroup 1 Pre-algebra
Early Drop-off
9:00Character StudyCharacter StudyCharacter StudyCharacter Study
9:30English Language ArtsEnglish Language ArtsEnglish Language ArtsEnglish Language Arts
1:00HS+: Office Skills (J. Sealey)HS+: Art (M. Wood)HS+: Auto Care and Repair (B. Ballerstedt)HS+: Home Economics (S. Ballerstedt)
4th-8th French (M. Rumenera)4th-8th: Computer Skills (T. Walton)4th-8th: Kentucky History (J. Sealey)4th-8th: Cognitive Skills (H. Toy)
2:00HS+: French (M. Rumenera) meets twice weeklyHS+: Computer Skills (T. Walton)HS+: French (M. Rumenera) meets twice weeklyHS+: Cognitive Skills (H. Toy)
4th-8th: Art (M. Wood)4th-8th: Home Economics (S. Ballerstedt)
All classes subject to minimum and maximum enrollment.


Preschool — Bob Jones University Press

Elementary — More Than Words, Adventures in Creation 1, Reading A-Z, The Mighty Works of God, Biographies of the Revolution, Aesop’s Fables, Little House in the Big Woods, Hands-on math resources, calendar time

Middle/High — Bob Jones or MCP Math (depending on placement), Civics and the Constitution, various novels

Electives — instructors to determine


Poplar Level Church of God, 3685 Poplar Level Road, Louisville KY 40213

For more information, contact Heather Walton,, or 502-454-0093.

To apply, fill out these registration forms and email to or mail to New Day Academy, 3685 Poplar Level Road, Louisville, KY 40213. Registration fee may be paid by check or cash.