Educational Services and Pricing

aplus-300x256As a teacher of regular and special education, I have tested many students using nationally-normed, standardized tests. I also have lots of experience designing individualized curriculum plans. I want to help homeschool families by offering my testing services at a low cost and by advising them about curriculum choices and lesson planning. I also homeschool other people’s children in my home. This is a list of my services and pricing. Please see the individual pages related to services for more information.

Formal testing (standardized measures) and interpretation of results: $200

Curriculum Consulting/Lesson Planning Consulting: $50/hr.

Tutoring: $40/hour in my office or $35/hour online

Homeschooling Student part-time in my home: $2500/annually for 1/2 day

Homeschooling Student full-time in my home: $4000/annually for 9-3 p.m. Eastern Time

Homeschooling Student online: $15/hour; $45/max per day

*pricing does not include curriculum, supplies, food or field trips

For more information, contact 502-438-4680 or email

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