Homeschool Speaking Engagement Topics


I have a passion for helping parents begin the homeschool journey and stay the course when difficulties arise. I have a variety of offerings that help parents to begin or continue the journey of homeschooling:
  • Homeschooling Essentials: This is geared toward those who are interested in learning how to homeschool effectively, whether they are investigating homeschooling as an option, are planning to begin soon, or are looking for encouragement to continue. I will share my personal journey, the myths associated with homeschooling (i.e There’s a perfect way to homeschool; Teachers know more about how to educate your child than you do; Special needs students do best at public school; The perfect curriculum is the answer to all of your homeschooling problems.) I will discuss how to cast a vision, the importance of getting first-time obedience first (even if it takes a long time), how to decide on the right curriculum for you and your child, personal professional development, and the importance of a support group. This class is basically an overview of how to effectively homeschool.
  • Special Needs Homeschooling: Tips for educating kids with mild learning disabilities, ADHD, high-functioning Autism, and mild behavioral problems. I also cover why the school isn’t the automatic answer for educating special needs children. Parents who are interested in their children’s education will probably do even better than a degreed teacher for several reasons, which I will share in this workshop. I will share some strategies for success, too.
  • Conquering Comprehension: I will share several of the best research-based strategies for improving reading comprehension.
  • Homeschooling for (Practically) Free: I will lay out a plan for creating lessons, without spending much money, to give students a 21st Century education.
  • Teaching Strategies for Co-op Teachers: Sometimes parents are intimidated about teaching groups of children. I will outline some basic classroom engagement and classroom management principles to boost confidence in your parent volunteers.
  • Starting a Cottage School: Tips for starting a business that will allow you to homeschool your own children, while also teaching other people’s children.
  • If the topic you are looking for isn’t listed above, please contact me and let me know. I am willing to consider other topics.

If you are interested in having me speak to your homeschool group or at your event, please contact me at, or 502-438-4680. Let me know when and where your event is, how many people you anticipate, and what topic interests your group.

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