New Day Academy cottage school program begins Jan. 2020


By Heather Walton

The new year can be a fantastic time to make needed educational changes. While some parents may be ready to pull the plug on public school, those who already homeschool may be ready for some new opportunities in the homeschool community.

If you have a middle or high school student, check out what A+ Education Solutions is offering, beginning Jan. 14. New Day Academy, a cottage-school program based on the principles of 19th century British educator Charlotte Mason, will operate Tuesdays and Thursdays. This program features real books, narration, Socratic discussions, and short lessons. Students will do the bulk of the reading and writing at home, and will meet to discuss the material, complete hands-on learning, and receive their assignments. Tuesday offerings include science, worldview/apologetics, literature, logic, and social time. Thursday features science, worldview/apologetics, writing, geography, and social time. Students may participate one or both days, as material on both days will compliment, rather than depend on, each other. Each day will cost $25/weekly.

Students will be taught in a small group by a certified teacher. Classes take place in Louisville near the zoo. This is a drop-off program, so parents are not expected to stay.

Those who register for this initial program have two advantages: They will get the first opportunity to enroll in the fall, and they will not have to pay a registration fee. They will be required to pay a deposit that will go toward their tuition. Tuition is due monthly on the last school day of the preceding month. A deposit of two weeks’ tuition is due to enroll. There are currently 5 spots open for each day for students in grades 6-12. Response will dictate whether additional classes are added.

The course schedule is as follows:

Tuesdays: $25/week

9:30-10:15 Science 

10:20-10:50 Worldview/Apologetics 

10:55-11:25 Literature

11:30-12 Logic 

12-12:40 Lunch/Break


Thursdays: $25/week

9:30-10:15 Science 

10:20-10:50 Worldview/Apologetics 

10:55-11:25 Writing 

11:30-12 Geography 

12-12:40 Lunch/Break


For more information, contact Heather Walton,, or 502-438-4680.

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