Reading Intervention Services

I offer reading services for students who struggle with all aspects of reading.

For those who struggle with decoding, fluency, and spelling, I use the Lindamood Bell Seeing Stars program. I have received training in Lindamood Bell programs and have used them with students in the public school setting. The Seeing Stars program is a multi-sensory approach to reading. Students change activities often so they are not likely to get bored. A session lasts anywhere from 45 minute to an hour, depending on scheduling and on how quickly you want to see results. Typically, a student needs about 90 hours of instruction.

Other students struggle primarily with reading comprehension. They may sound out words fine, but have difficulty understanding what they just read. These students may be good candidates for the Lindamood Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing program, a multisensory approach to comprehension, which slows students down and gets them visualizing what they read. Or they may benefit from Reciprocal Teaching, which slows them down and gets them using several good strategies to think deeply about what they read.

When I meet your child, I assess him or her and build a customized program to meet his/her unique learning needs.

I offer small-group and individual tutoring to improve students’ reading abilities. For more information, contact me at 502-438-4680, or email 

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