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A+ Education Solutions offers a range of educational services

I started A+ Education Solutions in 2013 because I had a strong desire to help students who need a little extra help to reach their goals. In the process, I started a cottage school that morphed into a more traditional model of a school, partnered with my husband as he pastors our church, moved, had a baby, had a couple of children leave the nest, taught at another wonderful Christian school, and most recently, realized that I need to return home and center myself there. Through all of it, my mission for a vocation has not changed: I believe God has called me to creatively facilitate Christian education for a diverse population of students.20170612_074936

Though I no longer run Jubilee Academy, the model I began there still lives in my heart. What is that model? Well, for starters, it’s a kinder, gentler model of education — an individualized model, where students are seen as real people who have struggles, but who also have much to offer the world. God created each of us with unique gifts, and those gifts are meant to be shared with the world. However, some people buy into the cultural lie that academics and athletics are the prized intelligences, and that others are inferior. Can you imagine a world without artists, mechanics, electricians, fast food servers, and on and on? Two of the most important jobs in the world are plumbers and trash collectors. Think about that for a moment.

But we all have to get through the academics, at least for 13 years. Some of us really struggle, though. And we just need a helping hand, maybe just for a season, and maybe all the way through. Sometimes the student needs direct help, in the form of tutoring and assessment. Other times, the student needs indirect assistance, such as an IEP advocate at school or homeschool support for his parents. A+ Education Solutions is here to help with these needs. Rates are reasonable and assistance is personalized to your family’s needs. Because I’m focusing on health and family, slots are limited, but there are a few left and I am happy to put others on my waiting list. For more information, email heatherpwalton@gmail.com or text/call 502-438-4680. I look forward to hearing from you!


Turning the Page to Reveal a Brand New Story

One thing I like about storybooks is that, when you finish a story, there’s a fresh one waiting for you. You just have to turn the page. Sometimes, when my kids ask me to read another one, I tell them that they have to go to bed. Other times, I indulge them with “just one more.” Either way, there’s another story waiting.

Life is like that, too. When we end one stage in our lives, all we have to do is turn the page and another begins.

Yesterday was my last day teaching in public school. I’ve really enjoyed my job, so it was difficult to think of that chapter ending. But today it is time for a new story to begin. I am preparing to return to homeschooling, after taking five years off. I am going to teach at a local cottage school two days a week. And I’m getting serious about my own business, A+ Educational Solutions, which provides tutoring, educational testing, homeschool curriculum consulting, and lesson planning. As part of A+ Educational Solutions, I’m beginning Jubilee Academy, a cottage school for Grades 1-6 that will meet Mondays and Wednesdays, 9-2:30, in Crestwood, KY for the 2013-14 school year. I’ve located the spot where I plan for Jubilee Academy to meet, and it’s a wonderful location. I will finalize it in the next couple of weeks, and then announce it. I’m very excited about the opportunity to continue to teach classes while I homeschool my own kids. I’m also preparing to promote A+ Educational Solutions and Jubilee Academy at a couple of local homeschool events–the HFHG Curriculum Swap and possibly the CHEK Convention. After that, I’m going to have an open house for Jubilee Academy, probably in mid-June.

I’m excited to see what God is going to do in my story as I turn the page from one great chapter to another.