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Find Jubilee Academy at http://jubileeacademyky.org

Jubilee Academy has a new website with up-to-date information about the school. The new site is http://jubileeacademyky.org. This website will continue to offer information about A+ Educational Solutions, which offers homeschool consulting, speaking engagements, tutoring, curriculum consulting, cottage school and co-op consulting, and more.

Jubilee Academy gears up for 2014-15 school year

By Heather Peavler, Jubilee Academy Director

Students enjoy a nature walk during Jubilee Academy summer reading/writing camp.
Students enjoy a nature walk during Jubilee Academy summer reading/writing camp.

I am continually amazed and humbled by what God is doing at Jubilee Academy. A year ago at this time, I set out on a venture with one classroom and about ten students, two of whom are my own children. Before the school year began, I added two teachers and doubled enrollment. As the year progressed, I took another leap of faith by adding a preschool and another teacher. By the time we finished the 2013-14 school year, Jubilee Academy had 40 students.

As we embark on our second school year, we have 60 students currently enrolled, and people continue to be added to our number. Some of the most amazing families have joined our Jubilee Family, and they have lent their talents to organize, move, and clean. We have acquired a second building and are in the planning stages of building an additional classroom.

Summer Robotics Camp gives students an opportunity to learn about engineering principles and teamwork.
Summer Robotics Camp gives students an opportunity to learn about engineering principles and teamwork.

The Great Adventure Class at Southeast Christian Church has graciously replaced the carpet in one classroom, and torn out a wall in another room. They also are going to provide new drywall and carpet for that classroom. They also plan to work on building the additional classroom for us.

The Kavanaugh Life Enrichment Center staff also have been wonderful to work with, and have labored to accommodate our growing need for space. I feel that we are particularly blessed to be at Kavanaugh, because it’s a beautiful facility, but mainly because I believe it is “Holy Ground.”

Just because school hasn’t been in session doesn’t mean learning hasn’t been going on at Jubilee Academy. We have had summer camps, the last of which wrap up next week. We also have had individual and group tutoring all summer.

We have some spots left for the 2014-15 school year in some levels and classes, but we are at or nearing capacity in most. I am so excited about the students, families, and teachers God has brought to us, and I can’t wait to see what He has in store as the year progresses. To God be the glory!

Reflections on Jubilee Academy’s first year

IMG_0849By Heather Peavler, Jubilee Academy Director

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever.” –Ephesians 3:20-21

When I got the idea to start a cottage school back in May 2013, I had no idea what God really had in store for me. During the past year, I have learned so much about God’s grace and provision. Here are some of the most important takeaways I have from this amazing process:

1. God is truly in control and I am not. I used to be a control freak. Not anymore. I have learned, through a variety of circumstances, that I am not nearly as in control of things as I had previously tried to be. Jubilee Academy is the first thing I’ve given thoroughly to God, and He has made it blossom into something I never could have envisioned or made happen.

IMG_09082. God provides when we trust Him. God has provided everything we have needed, including teachers, students, supplies, space, time and energy. Even when it looks impossible, He brings the right thing or person at the right time. We have not lacked one single thing this school year.

3. The Bible needs to be at the center of what we do. At Jubilee Academy, we dive into God’s word on a daily basis and we apply it to our lives and situations that arise throughout the day. I believe this is why our students have formed an accepting community of learners that continues to welcome each new child who joins our school.

4. Students thrive when they feel safe. Many of our students have come from schools where they have been made to feel inferior, and some were victims of bullying. At Jubilee Academy, we have created an environment where this is not tolerated, and the students have noticed. Many of them, as they reflected on the year, mentioned that they are so happy that they aren’t bullied at our school.

5. Learning should be measured by student growth, not by “grade-level” standards. Just because a student is 9 years old, that doesn’t mean he has the ability to learn long division. Just because he is 7, that doesn’t mean he can’t. We need to place students according to their unique abilities, and we need to tailor their learning experiences toward making progress. We assess students three times a year. Our data shows growth. We don’t encourage cookie-cutter kids. We want them to blossom to their full potential.

IMG_08586. Never limit God! I envisioned a two-day cottage school with maybe 10 students. I ended up with three classes full of students, full-time and part-time programs, forty students, and three other teachers. What an incredible difference between my plans and God’s.

So, as we prepare for next school year, we will have five classes, a Friday elective program, and lots of excitement about the future. Over the summer, we will have several camps, classes, and tutoring opportunities. There will also be parent seminars on homeschooling and educating special needs children.

Already there are 52 students enrolled for the 2014-15 school year, 21 of whom are full-time. Our classes are approaching capacity, and we will put students on a waiting list after that. If you are interested in enrolling your child, or finding out more information, email jubilee.academy@aol.com, or call 502-439-4400. Also, policy information and registration paperwork is available at https://apluseducationalsolutions.com/jubilee-cottage-school-policies-and-information/

Jubilee Academy offers occupational therapy services

Tracy MurrayJubilee Academy wishes to welcome Tracy Murray OT/L to the Jubilee Team.   Reentering the field after 25 years of homeschooling, Tracy brings a wealth of knowledge especially in a unique area she created called Therapeutic Tutoring. She finds that when combining the senses, individual learning styles, sensory integration and OT principles into her academic tutoring she is more likely to see students progress and grasp concepts that have previously been difficult to comprehend. Her students have fun and gain confidence in ways that make learning meaningful.   In addition, Tracy’s bring many skills to Jubilee including Sensory Integration training expertise, years of traditional clinical and school based pediatric occupational therapy and in-depth parenting skills being the mom of 8 children herself. In addition, Tracy has a keen awareness of cultural diversity after living in many regions across the US as well as serving as a missionary in Zambia. In addition to sewing and hiking, Tracy loves kayaking and running RecycloCraftz, an ongoing ministry in Zambia.


Tracy seeks to make OT services convenient to all those involved. Services can be incorporated into a student’s day while at Jubilee or services can be done privately at your home. An initial evaluation will be scheduled to assess each student’s needs and the parent’s concerns at a cost of $150. The evaluation and regular OT services are reimbursed through many insurance companies, however, with the costs of sessions are to be paid at the time of service delivery. Regular sessions are billed to insurance at $125/hour with a 20% discount offered when services are paid on the treatment day. We can attempt to gain possible recoupment, but it is not guaranteed. Private pay clients are billed at a flat rate of $70/hour. It is possible to schedule 30 minute sessions if sessions are held at Jubilee. If one or more students are working on similar goals group sessions may be possible thereby incurring a shared cost.

Additionally, Tracy will teach some of Jubilee Academy’s Friday program classes, including Brain Gym, Social Skills, and Visual Perceptual Skills.


Questions and scheduling can be completed via email at MurraysInZambia@gmail.com or by phone at 717-344-2530.


Tracy is looking forward to serving the Jubilee Community and making a difference in your child’s life.


Jubilee announces summer science/robotics camps

robotics_1_trackby Heather Peavler, Jubilee Academy Director

Jubilee Academy has added three summer science camps, taught by Rebecca Cecil, who will teach robotics next school year. The following opportunities are available:

Middle School Robotics Camp

July 28-31, 1-4pm

Camp for students entering 5th-8th grade.  We will use the Lego® Mindstorms™ Robots to learn how to build and program robots to perform autonomous tasks. At the end of the week we will have a challenge!


Elementary Robotics Camp

Aug 4-7, 9am-noon

Camp for students entering 1st-4th grade.  We will use the Lego® WeDo™ Robot to learn the basics of building robots.  We will teach our robots to do a variety of tasks and respond to their environments.


Middle School Science Camp

Aug 4-7, 1-4pm

Science activities made fun!  We will blow up volcanoes, watch planets move, play with electric circuits, make edible creations and do all sorts of other fun things.  This is NOT your normal science class!

Cost for each of these camps is $100 for the first student and $75 per sibling.

Registration forms are available on the Jubilee Summer Camp Information Page




Jubilee Academy announces summer care program

74497___gustavorezende___Kids_6_03By Heather Peavler, Jubilee Academy Director

Jubilee Academy will host a summer program that provides full and part-time learning opportunities for school-age students. The program will have an academic component to guard against regression of skills, but will also provide indoor and outdoor play and exploration opportunities that rising first through eighth graders need over the summer months. The program will operate 9-3 Monday-Friday, with options for before and after school care. Students may arrive at 8:30 a.m. and stay until 5 p.m. if needed, for an additional charge. Students may attend between two and five days weekly.

On a typical day, students will study the Bible, read books and materials of their choosing, free write, study grammar, work on sight words, spend time memorizing math facts, play educational games, observe nature, do some chores, and have plenty of time to play and interact with other students. The academics will be low-pressure, but will be designed to keep kids from losing what they learned during the previous year.

Students may participate in the summer care program, even if they don’t attend Jubilee during the year. The program will run June 2-August 22.

The program costs $500/month for full-time participants. Part-time participants pay $30/day. Before-school care is an additional $5/day, and after-school care is $5/hour. Deposit is $150/first child, and $75/each additional sibling.

For more information, or to find out how to reserve your child’s spot, call 502-439-4400, or email jubilee.academy@aol.com.

Jubilee Academy offers summer camps

This summer, Jubilee Academy teachers will offer summer variety camps for students in preK-9th grade. Participants will experience a variety of activities, including nature walks, art, and other creative ventures. They will rotate by age group through a variety of stations, each of which offers a fun, educational activity, all centered around a particular theme. Additionally, there will be two reading comprehension/writing camps offered. Students will learn research-based reading and writing strategies. The camp schedule and fees are as follows:

Variety Camp 1 (Theme: Dessert First)

Grades: PreK-8

Dates: July 7-10, 14-17

Time: 9-noon

Cost: $200/siblings $150

Reading Comprehension/Writing Camp 1 

Grades: rising 6th-9th

Dates: July 7-10, 14-17

Time: 1-4 p.m.

Cost: $200/siblings $150

Variety Camp 2 (Theme: Birds of a Feather)

Grades: PreK-8

Dates: July 28-31, Aug. 4-7

Time: 9 a.m.-noon

Cost: $200/siblings $150

Reading Comprehension/Writing Camp 

Grades: rising 3rd-5th

Dates: July 28-31, Aug. 4-7

Time: 1-4 p.m.

Cost: $200/siblings $150


To register for a camp, call 502-439-4400, or email jubilee.academy@aol.com. Send the forms below and $50 registration per student per camp to Jubilee Academy, 7505 Kavanaugh Road, Crestwood, KY 40014.

Jubilee Academy Summer Camp 2014 Registration Forms

As Jubilee expands, more space is needed

The Richard's Cottage will provide additional space for Jubilee Students next school year.
The Richard’s Cottage will provide additional space for Jubilee Students next school year.

By Heather Peavler, Jubilee Academy Director

Jubilee Academy is growing again! Next year we will need at least five classrooms, as opposed to the three we have this school year. We have confirmed with Kavanaugh Center that we will lease the Richards Cottage next year, which is adjacent to our current tabernacle building. The cottage  contains two large rooms and a small room. Our preschool and primary classes will meet in the two large rooms. The small room may be an office, or a smaller classroom.

Improvements also will be made to the current classrooms. There will be doors from the classrooms to the bathrooms and there is a possibility that an additional classroom may be built on the same end as the bathrooms. The wall between Room 3 and the office will be knocked down to create a bigger classroom. There are some other improvements that will be made in order to create a better experience for our students.

The additional space will allow Jubilee Academy to enroll more students, while creating a more specialized education for each student. Having five teachers will enable each level to target about two grades, rather than the broader range covered in some cases this year. Teacher-student ratio will remain at 1:10.

I’m so pleased that we are able to remain at Kavanaugh Center as we grow. It’s such a beautiful facility that affords our students unique opportunities for nature study and outdoor play. The natural setting is peaceful, and it reminds us that there is a Creator who loves us.

If you are interested in learning more about Jubilee Academy, you are invited to our informational meeting, Feb. 18, 6:30-8 p.m. at 7505 Kavanaugh Road, Crestwood. Additionally, you may call 502-439-4400, or email jubilee.academy@aol.com.

God consistently provides for Jubilee Academy

photo 4-2By Heather Peavler, Jubilee Academy Director

I often tell people that Jubilee Academy is the first thing I’ve completely given to God and let Him run with. And oh, how amazing this journey has been. He has directed this adventure from the beginning, and has taken it to places I never could have dreamed.

An example of His provision is that every teacher on staff has approached me about a position. I didn’t need to recruit or take out an ad. I didn’t have to do an extensive interview process. Recently, I tried to recruit a specific teacher whom I thought God had directed me to approach. That person accepted the position, but backed out shortly after. I could almost hear God saying, “My daughter, I’ve got this. I will send you the teacher you need. Don’t go looking for anyone.” I listened to that still, small voice. Two days later, I got an email from someone I respect very much, inquiring about whether there were any full-time positions. God provided the right person for His school, and I hadn’t needed to spend any extra effort trying to make it happen.

In the next couple of days, I will announce our two additional teachers for next year. I am highly enthusiastic about both of these incredible women whom God has sent to Jubilee Academy. I also will announce some changes to our physical location that will improve the school and accommodate our expansion.

If you are interested in learning more about Jubilee Academy, and would like to see if it’s a good fit for your family, you are invited to our informational meeting, Feb. 18, 6:30-8 p.m., at 7505 Kavanaugh Road, Crestwood. You may also contact me at 502-439-4400 or jubilee.academy@aol.com.