Jubilee Academy: The Dream is Coming True

Jubilee Classroom 7As I look forward to Jubilee Academy’s Back-to-School Night this Thursday, and our first day of school the following Wednesday, I can hardly believe it’s finally here. I’ve dreamed this dream for years, and it’s finally coming true!

During these last few days before school begins, there is much to do. This week, Cheri Withrow (Primary Grades Teacher), Janet Schweinhart (Instructional Assistant/Special Areas Teacher), and I are finalizing our lesson plans and making sure the rooms are organized to meet our students’ needs. We’re preparing a school handbook and discussing expectations and procedures. We want to make sure the Back-to-School night and the first week of school go smoothly.

During Back-to-School Night, families will get to know a little about each other, students will drop off supplies, and we will meet with parents to share goals and procedures. This also is a time for parents to get to know the staff. During the parent meeting, students will participate in supervised play.

Saturday, Aug. 31, will be a “work day.” We have invited parents to assist us in moving into our third room. Kavanaugh staff members are working hard to ensure that the room is available that day. The room will serve as an office, library, and additional classroom. 

The first day of school comes on Sept. 4. I’m so excited to have the privilege of teaching in my own school. God has brought together an amazing, dynamic group of families. We get to meet families where they are to provide a quality education to their children. Families have selected from a variety of educational plans, from half day twice a week to full-time. I love the flexibility that we’ve been able to provide.

I am amazed and humbled when I reflect on God’s obvious involvement in my dream of having my own school. In the beginning, I had planned to teach ten students in my own home twice a week. God had different plans. He expanded my dream until it became His vision. Isn’t that fabulous? Now we have 29 students, three teachers, a breathtaking location, three classrooms, and the encouragement that our great God has His hand in every part of this endeavor. Jubilee Academy is a dream come true!

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