Top Ten Reasons I’m Excited About Jubilee Academy

ImageFour weeks from today we begin the school year at Jubilee Academy. 28 days. That’s really not much time. I’m excited about this school year for several reasons:

1. God has proven that He is in this. He has provided and blessed beyond what I would have  imagined throughout the process of starting this school. We have a fabulous location with truly kind and encouraging hosts. I just learned that we will have a third classroom available, which is an unexpected blessing.

2. I get to teach my own children. This was the catalyst for launching Jubilee Academy. I wanted to teach my children, but I also desired to remain a classroom teacher. God has worked this out beautifully.

3. Children from amazing families are registered. There are many Godly families who have decided to enroll their children in both the full-time and part-time programs. These families share my vision for an education that equips their children to not just know the what and the how, but the why, an education that equips them to know what they believe and to be able to defend those beliefs.

4. I get to teach children from diverse backgrounds. Some of the families who have joined our school have adopted children from all over the world. I admire these families so much and am honored to be able to teach a diverse group of students. When I started this endeavor, I hoped and prayed for a diverse population. Now I will work with students from countries such as Ethiopia, Liberia, India, and China.

5. I get to partner with families to disciple their children in the Christian faith. Having worked in public school for the past couple of years, I was not allowed to openly share my faith as part of my everyday curriculum. I did have opportunities to mention matters of faith, and I took full advantage of any occasion to legally discuss the Gospel, but at Jubilee Academy, faith is central.

6. I get to use the best research-based strategies and to meet students’ individual needs without being constrained by a superintendent’s or principal’s agenda, or by laws such as No Child Left Behind or Common Core Standards. The absence of bureaucracy will be refreshing!

7. Jubilee Academy offers programs to meet a variety of needs. Students get to come 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days. Some will attend half-days. I have been able to partner with families to address their individual situations. There are typical students, students on the Autism Spectrum, students with ADHD, and students for whom English is a second language. From the family who is bringing 10 adopted children for reading and writing instruction, to the pastor who wants more time with his kids during the week, to the mom who just wants a little help with math, to the single mom who works full-time but wants an affordable faith-based education–Jubilee Academy is a place where they all can get their children’s needs met.  I am truly amazed that God is allowing me to be a part of  serving these incredible families!

8. I’m partnering with two amazing educators who share my vision, are flexible, and support me 100 percent. They will be a blessing to our students. Thank you, Cheri and Janet!

9. We have a beautiful setting in which to learn. It’s a wooded area with nature trails, campfire areas that make excellent outdoor classrooms, playgrounds, picnic tables, and natural beauty as far as we can see. We will be constantly reminded of our Creator as we learn to grow closer to Him.

10. Since God is clearly doing this, I don’t have to fake being perfect! Throughout the year, I will make mistakes. It’s inevitable. I’m a recovering perfectionist, so this bothers me. I want to be perfect for these incredible students and families. But I just can’t. There is freedom in acknowledging this. Our pastor has been going through a sermon series that has resonated with me. It’s about the beatitudes. According to the beatitudes, in order to be truly healthy, we need to acknowledge that we need help. We can’t pull off a Godly life in our own strength. The week he preached that sermon, I asked God to provide help for a particular situation that affected my role at Jubilee. He did–almost immediately. Another thing the beatitudes teach us is that we don’t have it all together, so we don’t need to pretend. We need to be authentic. So, I’m not pretending: I’m not going to be the perfect teacher or administrator. But I’m depending on the One who is. I’m excited to see what He has in store for all of us as we embark on the adventure ahead!

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