Reflections on God’s grace in building Jubilee Academy

The grounds at Kavanaugh Center provide lots of natural beauty to explore.
The grounds at Kavanaugh Center provide lots of natural beauty to explore.

I have to give glory to God for the way He has blessed Jubilee Academy. Here’s a list of ways I have seen Him work so far:

1. Giving me a vision: For years, I have wanted to open my own school. I figured that was something I might do eventually. I never would have imagined, even 6 months ago, that I would get to do it this soon. I also believe that He has given me a philosophy and a vision for a program that is needed in our area.

2. Support of family and friends: My immediate and extended family, including my in-laws, have been so supportive. They’ve been excited for me. They’ve helped with open houses, brochures, advice, time, and even financial contributions.

3. An excellent location: I can’t think of a better location that Kavanaugh Center. The grounds are beautiful, and I keep finding new trails and natural beauty there. The staff has been fabulous and is glad to have us there. They are thrilled with our success, and very encouraging.

4. Two qualified co-teachers with high character: Janet Schweinhart and Cheri Withrow share a similar vision and are excited to get to work at Jubilee. They have experiences and gifts that equip them to work well with our students. I didn’t even have to work hard to find them. God basically showed me that they were the ones He was providing to the school.

5. Students from families looking for this kind of school: Families have sought out our full-time and part-time programs because they’re looking for what Jubilee Academy has to offer. They want structure with individualization. They are looking for a blend of progressive and traditional methodology. They are seeking a Christian worldview, authentic experiences, real-life applications, and a small teacher-student ratio. I am so excited about the students God has brought and is continuing to bring. Each one is precious and worth working hard to provide a Christ-honoring education.

I had hoped that my vision of beginning my own school would be well-received. Honestly, I am amazed at just how well-received it has been so far. The full-time and part-time programs are nearing capacity. I never dreamed I would need to add a second classroom and two staff members to begin our first year. I feel very blessed and honored, and I am so excited to see how God will work through Jubilee Academy in the lives of students and families this year.

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